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medical laboratory sciences student

Office of Admissions Advisement 

The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences offers a ladder-format program, with the four-year curriculum divided into two programs, the Associate of Applied Science program followed by the Bachelor of Science program. Depending on your career track, the MLS program can provide you with a variety of career opportunities or lead you into pre-professional course requirements for medical or graduate schools.



don't delay your Math & English requirements, know where to start today 

  • Placement Information

    Math and English general education requirements are often delayed by students and can postpone your graduation! 

    Don't delay, and get this done. Watch our Math and English video and learn more about where to start. 

    More information about Math and English requirements can be found by visiting weber.edu/placement.



  • Math & English Video


please thoroughly review the following resources before scheduling an advisement appointment  

  • Applicant Checklist 

    Our applicant checklist reviews each step you need to take to be a successful candidate for this program. This checklist is crucial! Always refer first to your program checklist when choosing general education courses. Many of your program prerequisites also count as general education requirements.

    Please review the checklist closely and come prepared with questions. We are happy to help! 

    Campus Applicant Checklist


  • Advising Video

  • How to Apply

    To apply to our Medical Laboratory Sciences programs, please visit the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences.

    Certificate Program

    • Medical Laboratory Assistant Certificate

    Associate Program

    • Associate of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technician

    Bachelor Program

    • Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Scientist


apply, visit, call or email—get the info you need today