School Counseling

The family studies program at Weber State exceptionally prepares you for graduate studies in school counseling. 

Required Skills for School Counseling

  • Advocating for students, while collaborating with teachers, administrators, secretaries and parents/guardians to promote the well-being and academic success of children and youth
  • Engaging in comprehensive counseling guidance
  • Guidance curriculum (teaching in the classroom, assemblies, etc.)
  • Individual planning (schedules, college/career planning, etc.)
  • Crisis counseling (A school counselor can’t do therapy, but will handle a variety of crisis situations as they arise. They also engage in small group facilitation on social skills, coping with divorce, healthy relationships, etc.)
  • System support (continuing education, conferences, extracurricular events, etc.)
  • Strong organization skills, optimism, enthusiasm and empathy

Why choose WSU to prepare for a school counseling career?

  • Our curriculum is based on systems theory, human development theories and interpersonal relationship/communication theories. All of these areas provide a strong background for graduate studies in school counseling.
  • The family studies program provides an opportunity for certification as a Family Life Educator through the National Council on Family Relations. This background is valuable for those who will be working with young people and their families.
  • Students have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty in research opportunities. Graduate programs are seeking students with research experiences.  Several students work with our faculty on research projects, and students have opportunities to present research at professional conferences and to pursue publication of their research. 
  • Students in the family studies program have authentic learning experiences in the community working with young people and families. Through practicum and other learning experiences, students have real-life experiences in the community.
  • The family studies program enjoys a strong reputation with accredited school counseling programs.