Utah Early Childhood Education Coaching Certificate

This certificate is offered at the department level and recognized statewide as a coaching credential. Earning the certificate consists of three courses. These can be taken at continuing education credits, undergraduate credit or graduate credit, and are offered in a hybrid delivery format.

You will learn to use the coaching process as a strategy to mediate another person's ability to generate ideas, refine existing skills and develop new abilities is a different way of thinking about the role of EC/ECE professionals.

The coaching certificate will benefit those planning on working with other teachers, acting as a program director, operating a family home childcare facility, working as an early interventionist, facilitating training, making home visits, etc.

This 9-credit, 3-course series is designed around the Utah Coaching Competencies.

  • ECED 4201/GSE 6201: Coaching EC/ECE Professionals: Foundation and Organization of Coaching Application: Organization and Self-Reflection
  • ECED 4202/GSE 6202: Coaching EC/ECE Professionals: Connecting Awareness with Application and Deepening of Practice
  • ECED 4203/GSE 6203: Coaching EC/ECE Professionals: Attuning for Personal Organizational Change