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Testicular Cancer Case Study

In 2021 it's estimated that 9,470 men in the United States will be diagnosed with testicular cancer.  One out of 250 men will be diagnosed in their lifetime.   There is a five year survival rate of 95%. Even when the cancer has metastasized outside of the testicles, there is still a 73% survival rate (, 2021). In this case, we will read about the journey of Max Schuller, diagnosed with testicular cancer at age 21.

Module 12: Testicular Cancer

21-year-old Max Schuller was an avid biker. He noticed some enlargement in his...

Testicular Cancer - Page 1

Results of the ultrasound confirmed an intratesticular mass about 3 by 3 cm...

Testicular Cancer - Page 2

Results of the CT scan were negative for metastases to the lungs but were positive...

Testicular Cancer - Page 3

Max's oncologist informed him that he would need to be treated with 2 cycles of chemotherapy...

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