Swim Lesson Grant

The purpose of Weber State Campus Recreation’s Learn to Swim Grant program is to provide opportunities for families that experience financial hardship to access swim lessons. Swim lessons save lives, and everyone should have the opportunity to learn to swim. This grant program will specifically be targeted to the communities surrounding Weber State.

Apply for the Swimming Grant Application (PDF)


In order to qualify for a swim lesson grant, applicants must be a resident of Weber, Morgan, Davis, or Box Elder counties and meet one or more of the following qualifications:

  • Participant in the Free and Reduced Lunch program
  • Participant in Head Start Program
  • Medicaid, SSI, TANF, WIC, Food Stamps or other public assistance programs

Grants Award Schedule

Grants will be awarded each semester and recipients will enroll in lessons each month of the award period.

Fall (September - November)

  • Application Deadline: August 1

Spring (January - April)

  • Application Deadline: December 1

Summer (May - July)

  • Application Deadline: April 1

*The number of grants awarded each semester will depend on the funding available. The amount of funding awarded will depend on need and number of children in each applicant family. Grants are for group swim lessons only, except in extenuating circumstances.

Application Process

  1. Applicants will complete the PDF form.
  2. With the application form, provide proof of the qualifying income-assistance service received.
  3. The paperwork can be submitted in one of the following ways:
    • Drop off in person at the Wildcat Center (3992 Central Campus Drive)
    • Email it to aquatics@weber.edu
    • Mail: Weber State Campus Recreation, C/O Aquatics Coordinator, 3992 Central Campus Drive Dept. 3503, Ogden, UT 84408
  4. Applications will be reviewed after the deadline, and families will be notified of their application status via email or telephone within 10 days of the application deadline.
  5. Families who have received grants will be given instructions on how to enroll in swim lessons and must do so within 1 week of receiving the grant.

Approval Process

  1. Fully completed applications will be reviewed by an internal committee of Weber State University.
  2. The committee will issue a decision approving or denying the applications.
  3. The committee may return the application to the applicant for clarification or request additional documentation.
  4. The committee has the discretion to consider any additional information that it deems relevant.
  5. The funds available for the grants are limited. When the allocated funds reach a 90% exhausted level, no additional scholarships will be awarded until the fund is replenished.
  6. Every reasonable effort will be made to protect the privacy of the applicants.
  7. Grants will be awarded solely on the basis of financial needs. There will be no special consideration given to athletic ability. Weber State University will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, or age.
  8. Approved grants will be applied only to the session for which they were requested. Any future grant requests will require the submission of a separate application.

Grant Responsibilities

  1. Anyone receiving a grant and failing to use it prevents another applicant from having a grant. Grant recipients must attend all of the classes for which the grant was approved. Failure to attend classes may result in termination of the grant and denial of future grant opportunities.
  2. Recipients and their family members are required to comply with all Weber State University policies.
  3. If there is a legitimate reason that a recipient is unable to attend classes, a written explanation must be submitted as soon as possible to the Aquatics Program, along with necessary documentation (such as a doctor’s note).