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How to Submit a Petition

Petition Form and Other Required Materials

Students may file a petition with the Office of the Registrar by submitting all of the following required documents by email to Submissions should be made using your Weber email, which is a verified account as required by federal privacy law to protect the confidentiality of your student records.

Petition Form

Please submit the completed and signed petition form with your personal information, petition request and reason, and relevant semester and course information.

Petition Form

Letter of Explanation

Please submit a typed letter of explanation (not an email) in Word or PDF format that clearly explains the non-academic circumstance that prevented you from canceling, withdrawing, or meeting other university requirements by the academic calendar deadline. Keep in mind that the burden of proof is your responsibility so please use this opportunity to explain to the committee what occurred during the semester in question.

Instructor Verification

Please submit an instructor verification for each course that you are petitioning. You can send the instructor verification form to each instructor and ask them to email the completed form directly to Instructor verifications are required for petitions regarding the current semester. They are not required for petitions for prior semesters as instructors have already submitted your last date of attendance with final grades. Instructor verifications are also not required for one-time exceptions.

Instructor Verification Form

Third-Party Documentation

Please submit all relevant third-party documentation to demonstrate proof of qualifying circumstances.

Examples of Third-Party Documentation

Non-Academic Emergency:

Academic Circumstances:

Need Additional Assistance?

For additional assistance, please contact our Petitions Student Advocates at 801-626-6061 or email us at