GivePulse for Students

To receive payments for HIEE Pays participation, all participants are required to enter their HIEE participation hours via two systems: WSU’s TAS (Time Attendance System) and GivePulse.

It is critical that the hours in each system match! Hours in TAS cannot be retroactively entered and must be logged live at the beginning and end of your HIEE participation for that occurrence.

How to log your HIEEs Pay hours in TAS and GivePulse:

Step 1

Sign in to TAS at the beginning of your HIEE participation for each occurrence

Step 2

Sign out of TAS at the end of your HIEE participation for each occurrence

Step 3

By 11:59 PM each Friday, submit all HIEE participation hours through a GivePulse timesheet, and list your verifier’s name and valid email address. 

It is the student's responsibility to share GivePulse verifier information with their supervisor to ensure all hours are approved in a timely manner!

Student Guide to Logging Hours in GivePulse (pdf)

Log an Impact


All GivePulse HIEE entries must be entered and verified by the deadlines* below:

Summer 2024

2024 Pay Periods
2024 GivePulse Verifier Deadline
(Saturday by 11:59 pm)
2024 TAS Approval Deadline
(Monday by 9 a.m.)
May 6 – May 17 May 18  May 20
May 18 – May 31 June 1 June 3 
Jun 1 – Jun 14 June 15  June 17
Jun 15 – Jun 28 June 29  July 1 
Jun 29 – Jul 12 July 13 July 15
Jul 13 – Jul 26 July 27 July 28
Jul 27 – Aug 9 Aug 10

Aug 11

Aug 10 – Aug 15 Aug 16 Aug 19

Fall 2024

8/26/2024 – 12/13/2024

Spring 2025

1/6/2025 – 4/25/2025

*HIEEs Pay students can log hours the first day of the semester and up to the last day of the semester.

Hours cannot be logged in between semesters.



More resources are available on our HIEEs Pay GivePulse page.