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Weber State University is committed to providing transformative experiences for all students and creating access to these experiences. The HIEEs Pay program removes barriers for students to participate in high impact educational experiences (HIEEs). These experiences help WSU students achieve their educational and professional goals and better prepare them for future opportunities.

Under the HIEEs Pay program, students earn $11.50 an hour and are eligible to earn up to $1500 to participate in these experiences. Once approved, eligible HIEEs Pay students can log hours the first day of the semester and up to the last day of the semester. Hours cannot be logged in between semesters.


Participating HIEEs that Pay


Career Development (CDEV)

  • Complete CDEV for Individuals

Internship (INT)

  • Take an INT designated course and complete an internship that meets course requirements
  • Complete a not-for-credit internship 

Mentoring (MENT)

  • Be a Mount Ogden Junior High Rising Scholars mentor


Earn while you learn!


Am I Eligible?

 I am a current Weber State University undergraduate student with 0-89 completed credit hours.
I am eligible for on campus employment.
My GPA is 2.0 or higher.
I am registered as a full-time student (12+ hours during fall and/or spring semesters and 6+ hours during summer semester).
I am enrolled in the Wildcat Advantage Program.
I have completed this year’s FAFSA. (Not yet? The Money Management Center can help. Students who do not qualify for FAFSA can bypass this requirement.)



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a HIEE?

    HIEE is the acronym for a High Impact Educational Experience and is pronounced “HIGH-ee”! These valuable learning experiences can be found both in and out of the classroom.


Apply for Wildcat Advantage
Apply for FAFSA
Money Management 
TAS Information

More resources are available on our HIEEs Pay GivePulse page.