Academic Renewal

Academic Renewal allows current students the opportunity to recalculate their GPA by discounting courses with grades of D+ or lower which were earned at Weber State University six or more years prior to the date of petition.

Academic Renewal Policy

  • The applicant for academic renewal must be a currently enrolled undergraduate student or must have been enrolled during the previous term. Students who are not currently enrolled and who cannot obtain financial aid until their GPA is recalculated using Academic Renewal should begin the process with Academic Records and take written evidence of the initiation of this process to the Financial Aid Office.
  • Academic renewal may be requested only once during a student’s academic career.
  • Once a certificate, associate, or bachelor degree is awarded by Weber State University or received as a transfer credit, any Weber State course(s) completed prior to the completion of that certificate or degree will not qualify for academic renewal. However, WSU courses completed after receiving a certificate or associate degree, but before completion of a bachelor degree, are eligible for renewal if they meet the requirements.
  • The policy does not apply to graduate students or students pursuing a second bachelor’s degree.
  • Grades of “D+” or less which were earned six years or more prior to the petition date will not be computed in the grade point average.
  • Academic requirements may not be satisfied by courses to which academic renewal has been applied.
  • Hours not used for grade point average purposes are not used to satisfy total and upper division credit hour requirements.
  • The Academic Renewal Policy will apply only to courses taken at Weber State University.
  • Only the calculation of a student’s grade point average (and total Earned Hours, if applicable) will be affected by this policy.
  • This policy applies to WSU GPA calculation only. A student’s GPA when transferring or applying for graduate/professional schools will be calculated according to the policy of that institution, i.e. the receiving institution may average the grades or use the original grades.
  • Students who are applying for academic renewal and graduating in the same semester must notify the Graduation Department.
  • Courses qualifying for Academic Renewal still show up on Weber State University transcripts, but with an “R” in front of the original grade signifying that the course is no longer counting towards GPA or credit hours.

If you have questions regarding Academic Renewal please contact the Records Office at or 801-626-6100.  Forms are available at the Registrar's Solution Center in the Student Services Center Building, or available for download at the button below.