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Faculty Grants

Faculty Travel Grant Details

Faculty Travel Grant Funding has been exhausted.  If you wish to be contacted if additional funding becomes available, please email us at

CRE Grant Details

The CRE grant application is for faculty members to apply for money to be used in their Course-based Research Experience (CRE) approved courses. You must have received the CRE attribute to be eligible for this money. The maximum request for this application is $100/student in your class or $2000 max. Department support is encouraged but not required at this time.

Please include:

  1. a description of the planned project for your CRE-approved course
  2. estimated budget justification and
  3. the plan for student dissemination.
  • We understand that some projects will be developed in the course. In that case, please provide an example project done in a past course and the estimated budget costs for completing a similar project. Do not exceed 1-page, single spaced. Students in CRE courses that receive OUR money are strongly encouraged to present their work at the annual OUR symposium but should disseminate beyond the scope of the CRE classroom.
  • Please email your completed CRE Grant Application to by April 3, 2023

CRE Grant Application