Computer Lab Student Scholarship

The Open-Student Computer Lab Scholarship was created, funded and is driven entirely by student employees of the lab every semester.

Donate to Scholarship

Students organize and run special events that fund the scholarship through:

  • Book sales
  • Raffles
  • Selling advertising space on Computer Lab Screen Savers

In addition to raising funds for the scholarship, the students also donate their funds to local community organizations. Last year, the students collected $500 by donating an hour of their wages and made blankets for the Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. This spring, they collected 248 books and donated them to the local children’s center.

Scholarship Includes

Based on available funds, the recipient is awarded a minimum of $1000 up to a full scholarship of $2800 for a semester of school.


To be awarded the scholarship the applicant must:

  • Be an Open-student computer lab employee for at least one semester
  • Have a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Have high participation in lab activities and engaged in community service learning activities

The selection is made my a scholarship committee consisting of WSU faculty, staff and community members.

Apply for Scholarship

Computer lab student employees who meet the above requirements may apply for the scholarship through the scholarships channel in your eWeber portal.

Fall 2015 Recipient

Siyu LuSiyu Lu

The Open-Student Computer Lab scholarship recipient for Fall 2015 is Siyu Lu. Siyu is studying at Weber State as an international student from China. Siyu is an actively involved student both in and out of the classroom. He has maintained a GPA of 3.7 and currently serves as the vice-president of two clubs and organizations at Weber State. Siyu plans to graduate in International Economics.

As a foreign student, Siyu has overcome challenges typical of all international students. He says, “I was afraid of talking with Americans because I was not that good at speaking English.” Three semesters into his studies, Siyu realized that the success and experience of his education depended upon his level of involvement on campus. He decided to step outside his comfort zone. Relying on his existing skills and knowledge of computers, he applied for a computer lab assistant position. This position offered him the opportunity to help other students in areas of his skill set, and built his confidence in communicating with other students. “I feel so lucky that everyone at my first job is so kind and nice, and that I have so much support at the beginning of my education and my life. I found it really hard to get involved. Until I had this job, I hated to talk to people because I was not that good at speaking English, but now I am far better than before.”

Siyu’s mother has been his inspiration to help others. Siyu has volunteered in his community since a young age, and that dedication and selflessness finally rewarded him with the opportunity to volunteer with the Architect@work Exhibition at the World Expo Center in China. This volunteer opportunity stands out in particular because it was the first time that Siyu’s community engagement related to his major, and it’s a memory that will stay with him forever. Even though the majority of Siyu’s volunteer work has been in China, he has sought out opportunities to be more involved at Weber State. “I’ve been encouraged and supported from the computer labs and that’s the key factor which drives me to believe that I can perform as well as others, so I decided to participate in more community activities this year.” In addition to serving as the Vice President for Student Economics Association, he is also the vice-president for the Chinese Student Association, and a member of the Computer Labs Activities Committee.

The Computer Lab Scholarship has been an inspiration for Siyu since it is the first scholarship that he has ever received. It recognizes excellence in his studies and his job performance. It has required extra effort from Siyu to stay on top of his course load, and maintain a steady GPA. Siyu plans to use the scholarship to buy textbooks that he was previously been unable to afford. Prior to this, Siyu had been using preview versions available online. Siyu believes that because of the scholarship he has become more conscious in the generosity of giving, and hopes to similarly be able to give back.

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