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The John B. Goddard School of Business & Economics is known for its friendly atmosphere. If you're looking for a fun, involved campus life you have come to the right place.

The Goddard School has various student clubs. These organizations focus on different areas of professional development and give our students the opportunity to become involved while pursuing their education.


Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)
Club Office: WB 215
Club Office Phone: (801) 626-6079
Club E-mail:
Club Web Site:Beta Alpha Psi
Faculty Advisor: Eric Smith
Faculty Advisor Phone: (801) 626-6041
Faculty Advisor E-mail: 

Beta Gamma Sigma
Faculty Advisor: TBD
Faculty Advisor Phone: (801) 626-6075
Faculty Advisor E-mail:

Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE)
Faculty Advisor: Brandon Koford
Faculty Advisor Phone: (801) 626-6013
Faculty Advisor E-mail:

Business IT Students (BITS)
Club E-mail:
Club Web Site: Business IT Students
Faculty Advisor: Seokwoo Song
Faculty Advisor Phone: (801) 395-3455
Faculty Advisor E-mail:
  Student Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
Club Office: WB 217
Club Web Site: Society for Human Resource Management
Faculty Advisors: Patricia Wheeler, Michael Stevens
Faculty Advisor Phone Numbers: (801) 626-7914, (801) 626-8099
Faculty Advisor E-mails:
Student Association of Supply Chain Management (SASCM)
Club Office: WB 219
Club E-mail:
Club Web Site: Supply Chain Management
Faculty Advisor: Shane Schvaneveldt
Faculty Advisor E-mail:
  Student Economics Association (SEA)
Club Office: WB 224
Club Web Site:
Student Economics Association Faculty Advisor: Brandon Koford
Faculty Advisor Phone: (801) 626-6013
Faculty Advisor E-mail:
Weber Marketing Association (WMA)
Club Office: WB 217
Faculty Advisor: TBD
Faculty Advisor Phone: (801) 626-8905
Faculty Advisor E-mail:
  Wildcat Investors
Club Office: WB 218
Club Web Site: Wildcat Investors
Faculty Advisor: Yuhong Fan
Faculty Advisor Phone: (801) 626-6483
Faculty Advisor E-mail:

Weber Entrepreneurs Association (WEA)
Club Office: WB 218
Club Web Site: Weber Entrepreneurs Association
Faculty Advisor: Alex Lawrence
Faculty Advisor Phone: (801) 626-8940
Faculty Advisor E-mail:

The mission of the Weber Entrepreneurs Association (WEA) is to provide opportunities for entrepreneurial-minded students to learn the process of starting and running successful businesses. This will be accomplished by creating opportunities where students can assess and develop entrepreneurial skills, network with entrepreneurs, gain experience through association activities, build successful businesses, and screen businesses that apply for funding. 

The WEA is also partnered with Grow Utah Ventures in helping them screen businesses that apply for funding. The WEA has received a one million dollar endowment from Alan E. Hall, founder and chairman of Grow Utah Ventures, to support the WEA with scholarships, internships, and various other funding options.




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