Dr. Daniel Bedford, Professor



B.A. 1989 Oxford University, England; M.A.(1992) and Ph.D. (1997) University of Colorado- Boulder.

Current research interests include the weather and climate influences of the Great Salt Lake.

Office: SS 354

Phone: (801) 626-8091

Email: dbedford@weber.edu


Courses Taught at Weber State University:

GEOG PS 1000 Natural Environments of the Earth 

GEOG SS 1300 People and Places of the World

GEOG 3050 Weather and Climate

GEOG 3090 Arctic and Alpine Environments

GEOG 3590 Geography of Europe

GEOG 4990 Research Seminar


Courses Taught at Middlebury College

Physical Earth Processes

Water Resources Geography

Weather and Climate

Arctic and Alpine Environments


Natural Hazards

Causes and Consequences of Climate Change

Weather and its Violent Sides


Courses Taught at University of Colorado - Boulder

Environmental Systems I: Climate and Vegetation

Atmospheric Science II: Climatology

Conservation Practice and Resource Management

Selected Publications

Bedford, D. (2015): Does Climate Literacy Matter? A Case Study of U.S. Students’ Level of Concern about Anthropogenic Global Warming, Journal of Geography, DOI: 10.1080/00221341.2015.1105851.

Cook, J., Bedford, D., & Mandia, S. (2014). Raising Climate Literacy Through Addressing Misinformation: Case Studies in Agnotology-Based Learning. Journal of Geoscience Education62(3), 296-306.  Article

Bedford, D., Review of "Earth: The Operator's Manual," in Reports of the National Center for Science Education, July-August, 2013. Review

Bedford, D., and J. Cook. 2013. Agnotology, scientific consensus, and the teaching and learning of climate change: A response to Legates, Soon and Briggs, Science and Education 14 June 2013, doi: 10.1007/s11191-013-9608-3.  Article

Bedford, D., 2010, Agnotology as a teaching tool: learning climate science by studying misinformation, Journal of Geography, vol. 109 no. 4, pp. 159-165.  Article

Bedford, D., 2009, The Great Salt Lake: America's Aral Sea?, Environment, vol. 51 no. 5, pp. 8-19.

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Bedford, D.P., and A. Douglass, 2008, Changing properties of snowpack in the Great Salt Lake Basin, western United States, from a 26-year SNOTEL record, The Professional Geographer, vol. 60, no. 3, pp. 374-386.

Bedford, D.P., 2005, Utah's Great Salt Lake: A complex environmental-societal system, The Geographical Review, vol. 95, no. 1, pp. 73-96.