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The Weber State University Student Association (WSUSA) has been established to provide for the general welfare of the students of Weber State University (WSU) through principles of self-governance and shared governance.

The structure of WSUSA is designed to provide representative leadership; therefore, WSUSA officers shall promote the opinions and the interests of the student body as their voice and trusted representatives. WSUSA is intended to provide student participation in academic, administrative, and extracurricular decision-making at WSU. WSUSA, along with the WSU Administration, ensure efficient and prudent use of student fees and oversee the student fee allocation process, which is to be approved by the WSU Board of Trustees and the Utah State Board of Regents. WSUSA shall provide quality opportunities for academic and extracurricular experiences as well as promote student involvement in university clubs, organizations, events, and activities. WSUSA officers shall perform with effectiveness any powers and/or responsibilities bestowed upon them by Administration, the Board of Trustees, or the Board of Regents. WSUSA shall also promote WSU in the community and establish relationships with the community for the betterment of the University and the benefit of the students.

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