Marketing generates the revenue every company needs to prosper. Successful marketers are specialists who understand buyer behavior and buyer decision making. More importantly, they know how to apply their knowledge. Effective marketing strategies and programs are anchored in:

  • Marketing research (finding out what customers want and prefer);
  • Product development (designing goods and services that customers prefer);
  • Promotion (selling and telling customers about the benefits of a company’s goods and services);
  • Distribution (ensuring goods and services are available where and when customers want them); and
  • Pricing (creating real value for customers).

What jobs are available for marketing graduates?

Former Weber State students who studied marketing in the John B. Goddard School of Business & Economics have gone on to successful careers in general management, retailing, product management, purchasing, advertising, sales management and market research. Some have become vice presidents and presidents of their companies. Others have started their own businesses.

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