Transitions & Opportunities Subcommittee


The goal of this subcommittee is to coordinate, monitor and assess the policies, programs and initiatives for evaluating and delivering effective and appropriate cognitive and noncognitive supports for students. These supports are designed for students to navigate transitions and create opportunities to be successful in college.

Charges for 2021-2022

The committee agreed to four charges:

  1. Evaluate the implementation of FAST Start Year 2 and prepare for Year 3.
  2. Explore piloting a first-year student cohort who have block schedules in learning communities with advisor support.
  3. Examine transfer student background and academic success in their first year, disaggregated by underserved status, and examine ways to better support them.
  4. Monitor the success of first-time and transfer students with the new dashboard disaggregated by underserved status.

Summary of Accomplishments for 2020-2021

The committee implemented the Year 1 Proof of Concept for the FAST Start program with four classes (three virtual and one face-to-face) with more than 100 students, 70 of whom were first-year. Most students enrolled 6-weeks before the semester began. The course completion and spring semester persistence rates were higher than the targeted comparison groups. The Year 2 FAST Start offerings enrolled a cohort of 215 students, with approximately 70% first-year, in 8 classes, with each one having a trained Learning Assistant. The First-Year coordinator has been working to check students' academic backgrounds and schedules, connect students to advisors and plan extracurricular activities. The committee approved the organizational redesign of the structure of the First-Year Program, including the First-Year Council (FYC) and Executive committee (EC). The FYC and EC have been rolled into T&O for this year. Other accomplishments include a new website and a comprehensive presentation of the first-year course and program offerings to advisors.

Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Documents

Transitions & Opportunities Subcommittee (Box folder)

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