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Descriptive Page Titles

Descriptive HTML page titles help users quickly understand a web page’s content. Providing unique, concise page titles helps users with disabilities quickly understand a web page’s purpose. Well-written page titles are critical to users with visual disabilities because they are always the first page element announced by screen-reading software.

Example Page Titles

Titles Rating Description
Contact Us Good This title doesn't identify the site or tell who "Us" is.
Acme Incorporated - Contact Us Better A likely unique title, but it does not begin with the most specific information.
Contact Us - Acme Incorporated Best This title is concise, descriptive, likely unique, and identifies the site. It also lists the most specific information first.



These measures allow users with visual disabilities to quickly determine if they are interested in a page’s content. They also provide a descriptive name for bookmarking the page, which doubles as an accurate description for search results.

Best Practices

  • Provide a concise page title that accurately describes the page’s content and purpose.
  • Make sure the page title is unique to your site and any related sites.
    • Note the current subsection of the website where appropriate, as well as the site name.
  • Place the page description text first, followed by the site name(s).
  • Use JavaScript to change the title to appropriately reflect page content for pages where the main content changes dynamically.