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Developing your website with web accessibility in mind will make sure all users can access your content, regardless of disability. This tutorial website is meant to help you understand some basics of web accessibility concepts as you develop and maintain your Weber State website. You will also learn how to install a browser plug-in tool to help you check your website for web accessibility compliance.

This website is built using a base code with built-in tools that can help with web accessibility. You can find more information at For more information on how you can implement our base code, contact us at Keep in mind that one of the benefits of making your website accessible is that it will improve your Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, to help more people find your website. 

Why Web Accessibility is Important

It's the right thing to do - An accessible website strives for equal access for everyone to online materials, including web pages, documents, audio and video.

It's the law - Federal and state regulations require public organizations, such as Weber State University, to have accessible websites. Lawsuits and civil rights complaints can be filed against universities for not making sure web content accessible.

Web Accessibility Concepts

Testing and Training