The Walker Institute Internship Application Form

Please submit online internship application form to the Walker Institute. Make sure the Walker Institute receives two letters of recommendation to support your application. The Walker Institute will contact you once we receive your application. 

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 Internship Application Checklist

1. Cover letter (Applicable to Internship or general)

2. Internship Application Form

3. Resume

4. Two Letters of Recommendation (One of which must come from a professor) 
    Confidential Letter of Recommendation Form

5. Two Writing Samples (no more than 5 pages in length each)

6. Unofficial Transcript


Online Internship Application

Name: Address: Cell Phone:
Date: W#: Email:
Major: Class Level: GPA:
I am interested in an internship in the following area(s):   (Please check all that apply)
  Washington, DC   Policy/Think Tank   Administrative Office
  State Legislature   Campaign   Lobbying Group
  Local Government   Federal Agency
  Other (please specify)
Semester desired for internship ranked 1 to 3:  (rank 1 as most desirable and 3 as least)
Fall: Spring: Summer:
Please list below the names and email addresses of those individuals who will provide Reference Letters for you:
First Reference Name: First Reference Email:
Second Reference Name: Second Reference Email:
Third Reference Name: Third Reference Email:
Fourth Reference Name: Fourth Reference Email:
If you have more than 4 references,
please list their names and email addresses in the box:
In case of emergency please contact:
Emergency Contact Name: Relationship:
Address: Phone Number:
Please upload the required documents: Cover Letter
(Applicable to internship or general)
Unofficial Transcript: Writing Sample #1: Writing Sample #2:

I certify that the above information is correct. I agree to abide by and be committed to all the policies regarding internships of Weber State University and the Walker Institute, if accepted into this program. I understand that all of my applications materials become the property of the Walker Institute and will not be returned. I waive the right of access under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act to letters of reference and evaluations provided to the Walker Institute at Weber State University. I give the Walker Institute permission to release copies of the application and all of its parts to internship programs for selection purposes.

(Please type your Full Name to certify 
all of the information above is correct.)