Faculty Symposium Asynchronous Presentations

Signs of the Times: The Best of the Coronapocalypse

Presented by: Joshua Terry

State of K-12 Educational Technology Usage in Utah

Presented by: Katarina Pantic, Ryan Cain & Natalie Gonzalez

Getting to Know Students Through Writing: The Self Portrait Assignment

Presented by: Ryan Evans

Students' Levels of Anxiety and Self-Confidence in the Clinical Decision-Making Process

Presented by: London Draper Lowe & Rachel Ardern

Initial Experiences with an Experimental, Automatic Cadaver Preservation Device

Presented by: Brian Chung & Taylor Foss

"Oh My Heck! Now I see what you meant!":  Student Perceptions of Annoto as a Feedback Strategy for Presentations (for eLearning Certificate)

Presented by: Colleen Packer

How To Teach Race and Ethnicity Effectively

Presented by: Huiying Hill