The Teaching & Learning Forum was created by a group of faculty in 1992. The Forum offers retreats, book groups, workshops, collaborative projects, and other initiatives in support of faculty development. Activities are directed by the Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (TLA) Committee , a standing committee of the Faculty Senate, and the appointed coordinator who also serves as chair of the TLA Committee. Forum offices are located in Room 326 of the Stewart Library. The office is staffed year round. Please visit our library of books and materials on teaching and learning, including updated versions of MLA, APA and AMA manuals for publication and editing.

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As educators, citizens, and human beings, we have been challenged as never before—challenged by the trauma of a global pandemic, by the violence inflicted by people in positions of power and trust, and by the assault on the very foundation of our democracy. The work performed in the face of these challenges by faculty and other educational professionals is the strongest argument against the tired tropes about higher education—that colleges and universities cannot pivot to meet the critical immediate and emerging needs of our students; that faculty cannot or will not innovate in the classroom; that curricular change is impossible; that a liberal education is, at best, a “luxury good.” 

That is not our shared narrative. It never was. It is a false narrative that we must actively contest. 

The 2022 Conference on General Education, Pedagogy, and Assessment provides an opportunity to build on the narrative of resilience and innovation created across our campuses over the past several semesters of unprecedented challenge. It will focus on reimagining curricular structures, pedagogical approaches, and assessment methods in order truly to make quality and equity the hallmarks of excellence in undergraduate education in service to democracy. In other words, the conference will focus on creating a “new normal” for our students and our institutions. If you have any questions, please contact


Teaching and Learning in the Diverse Classroom

Cornell University’s Center for Teaching Innovation is launching a massive open online course (MOOC) for educators, “Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom,” one of the first online courses to guide instructors in exploring frameworks and strategies for building and sustaining inclusive learning environments. U.S.-based and higher-education-centered, the five-week course is for anyone with teaching responsibilities, at any level of diversity expertise. Registration for the course is open now.

The course features:

  • compelling voices and stories from students and faculty
  • opportunities to reflect on social identity, both your own and students'
  • an introduction to key research on inclusion and student-centered learning
  • an emphasis on assessing your own course design through the lens of inclusion
  • a learning community guide to help form a cohort at your institution.

Meet our instructors and learn about the course in an introductory video.

Please get in touch with questions at

Are you trying to publish for tenure and promotion?  Do you have some research focused on teaching and learning?  Here are some selected journals on teaching and learning to which you could send your submission.  Good luck!