Syllabi Construction Guidelines

The Teaching and Learning Forum wants to assist you in creating quality syllabi which meets your needs as well as includes important information. In addition, Weber State University requests certain items be included in your syllabi. The syllabus has a purpose and pertinent information about the document can be found here.

Weber State University Current Policy on Course Syllabi (PPM 4-9a)

Required language for all syllabi and sample

Valerie Herzog, College of Education, has provided a sample syllabus which includes all required information. SampleSyllabus.pdf

Becky Jo Gestland, English, has provided a sample syllabus. 2100 syllabus.docx

Utah State University has created a free online tool to assist you in creating a syllabus/styled and accessible learning services agreement. You can then print out the syllabus or link to it for students to access. Access the tool here.

WSU Online syllabus template:

Resources for Building a Syllabus From Louise Moulding, College of Education (You can watch her presentation from New Faculty Retreat 2012 here and access the sample syllabus referenced in the presentation here)

Other Resources

Enhancing Education, Carnegie Mellon (Excellent website for university teaching. The assessment resources are especially good. Navigate using the menu on the left)

Constructing a Syllabus, Brown University (this is a document with plenty of description)

"One Way to Show Students You Care" article in The Chronicle of Higher Education

Starfish Language for Student Success