Book Groups

The Fall 2017 Book List is Here!!!!!

We are now gifting e-books through Kindle and Nook!  Please let us know through your registration if you would like either of these options.  You will need to provide us with the e-mail that your Kindle or Nook is registered under and we can order it for you.  Please note that if you do an e-book it is in replacement of a hard copy.

BY POPULAR REQUEST: Books will be delivered to Department Secretaries for dissemination into faculty and staff mailboxes.

The Teaching and Learning Forum is pleased to announce that groups choosing to meet at the new Wildcat Room in the Student Union for their complimentary lunch will receive vouchers worth the full buffet price - a $7.99 value. Groups can also choose to meet off campus, and the Forum will now provide $8.00/person vouchers to Great Harvest or Cafe Ville Bella. Please contact the Forum office for more information.

Book Group Guidelines. Information to help you get the most from your book group. Also, there's important information for the group facilitator.

Book groups should submit a report about their book and the group's discussion.  Go to our book group wiki where you can submit your reactions so that everyone else in the community can read and use these.

Ways to sign up:  

  • Fall 2017 Registration has begun!  Please go to our online registration form here.  

  • If you have any questions, email ( ) or call 801- 626-7667


Have a suggestion for a good book for a future semester?  Submit it here to our online form.