Occupational Wellness

occupational wellnessOccupational Wellness is a sense of fulfillment through our chosen career paths and a healthy balance between work and other aspects of life. An occupationally well person enjoys what they do and derives a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment through their work, in a manner that is consistent with their personal values, goals and lifestyle.

WSU Resources

Job Board
The Weber job board provides information about current job openings for students, teachers and staff.
Career Services/Career Counseling
Helps you explore your career options and make a plan of action. Career services offers a variety of seminars, events and even one on one counseling.

Career Services Wildcat Handshake: Sign in with your Wildcat username and password. You'll be able to search for jobs on and off campus, discover upcoming career events, and schedule appointments with career counselors.

Weber State Credit Union
Weber State Credit Union provides various banking services to students and the community.

Hourly Childcare
Offers support to WSU students’ academic success by providing childcare while they attend classes, take tests, and use other campus resources. The program provides a safe, rich and nurtured environment where each child develops as an individual as well as part of a group.

Scholarship Office
Serves students throughout their college career. There are academic, activities, departmental, private sponsored, non-resident and graduate scholarships available. In addition, there are need-based programs, called "special condition" or "sponsor awards” available.


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