Bring Your School

Thousands of school children attend the Festival each year. We would love to see as many at the Festival as possible, but our venues’ physical facilities have limited seating capacity. In order to facilitate a large number of children, especially at the daytime sessions, it helps us to know who is coming and when. Providing this information beforehand will help greatly.

Groups from Morgan, Ogden, and Weber School Districts, as well as home, private and charter schools, please reserve your place by emailing Melissa Carter at

Davis School District groups, including home, private and charter schools that are planning to attend the festival at the Weber State University main campus on February 28, 2023, please fill out the form using the following link/QR code:

       DSD(Home/Private/Charter) Registration          

Please include 1) your contact information, 2) the name of your school and district, 3) which day, time(s) and a number of session(s) you would like to attend, 4) the grade levels of the students attending, 5) the number of students attending, and 6) the number of adults attending with the students.

Please, note: We will try to accommodate as many who want to come and enjoy the festival. Contacting us in advance will help us to balance groups in individual sessions and to find space for the maximum number of audience members. Contact us early to get the session(s) that you want.

Also, we will try to schedule a youth teller’s class so that they can hear and support their classmate, but we cannot guarantee that this situation will happen. All the youth tellers need and appreciate support from their peers. Later in the year, individual recordings of the tellers will be made available for request.

Groups who do not make reservations run the risk of not being seated.