Parent Advocate Group

The purpose of the GEAR UP Parent Advocate Group is to establish a setting in which parents or guardians of GEAR UP students can gather and take their involvement in their student's education and in school parent organizations to a higher level, specifically relative to the identified GEAR UP goals of academic performance, college awareness/readiness/access, and dropout prevention.

By being involved in the GEAR UP Parent Advocate Group, GEAR UP parents and guardians will receive special instruction and training in areas related to academic achievement, college awareness/readiness/access, school success (attendance, behavior, personal, and social issues), and life-skills (e.g., organization skills, time management, individual and social responsibility, and work ethic) to ensure that parents have the necessary understanding and skills to support their child’s school performance. Participants will be empowered to serve in their local school’s parent involvement program and in their communities as advocates for GEAR UP students and families.

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  • Improve the college-going culture in GEAR UP homes
  • Empower GEAR UP parents as advocates of themselves, their students, and their communities
  • Strengthen GEAR UP parent confidence and knowledge of navigating the secondary and post-secondary educational system
  • Increase the involvement of GEAR UP parents in school and GEAR UP programming/implementation
  • Better serve the Spanish speaking parent community

Get Involved!

Any parent or guardian of a GEAR UP student can become a GEAR UP Parent Advocate. Advocates are encouraged to attend all meetings, which are held 5 times throughout the year.

Interested in finding out more and how you can get involved, please fill out our interest form and we will contact you soon!

Parent Advocate Interest Form

Become a Lead Parent Advocate

Becoming a Lead Parent Advocate is a great way to take your involvement as a Parent Advocate even further. Lead Parent Advocates are selected and trained by GEAR UP staff and may receive up to a $200 stipend for meeting the following expectations:

  • Organize and lead GEAR UP parent coalitions at your school and plan a GEAR UP parent social in the spring
  • Work with your schools GEAR UP Parent Advocate coalition to find additional ways to better advocate for GEAR UP students and parents in the school and community
  • Regular check-ins with GEAR UP staff to help plan Parent Advocate Group meetings and other GEAR UP parent and family events
  • Participation in the school’s parent involvement organization (e.g. PTSA, Community Council)
  • Help represent GEAR UP by tabling at Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Attend GEAR UP student field trips as a chaperone

Each school’s GEAR UP Parent Advocate coalition will be lead by 2-3 Lead Parent Advocates. Contact us for more information on how to become a Lead Parent Advocate!



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