Starfish Progress Surveys


Progress Surveys allow faculty members to raise concerns (flags) or send compliments (kudos) related to a student's academic performance at specific points during the semester. Each raised flag or kudo sends a standardized email, including any notes entered, directly to the student on behalf of the faculty member. The message is shared with the student’s academic advisor, keeping advisors better informed about student performance and possible needs. 

For step-by-step instructions for filling out a Progress Survey: Click here for the how-to guide!   Click here for the how-to video! 

During each semester will be deploying two Progress Surveys to allow faculty to provide feedback on course performance to students.

Progress Surveys Full-term and 1st Block Courses 2nd Block Courses
Who will receive the survey? All faculty teaching an undergraduate course (Excluding study abroad, concurrent, independent study, and labs) All faculty teaching an undergraduate course during the 2nd block (Excluding study abroad, concurrent, independent study, and labs)
Who will be on the survey? All students enrolled in each section for the courses listed above All students enrolled in each section for the courses listed above 
When will the survey be open?

Summer 2024: May 30 - June 13

Fall 2024: September 19 - October 3

Spring 2025: January 30 - February 13

Summer 2024: July 11 - July 25

Fall 2024: November 6 - November 20

Spring 2025: March 27 - 

Other items to consider:

  • Best Practices - 4 tips for using Starfish flags & kudos 
  • Never Attended?  - If you select the box for "Never Attended" there is no need to select additional options.
  • Multiple Concerns?  Select most relevant reason(s)/flag(s). (Students receive a separate email for each box you check in the progress survey.)
  • Your Comments?:  Your comments in the progress survey are inserted into the notification emails to students and visible to academic advisors within Starfish. Comments provide students and advisors valuable context and/or recommendations.  However, comments are not required.
  • No feedback? - When filling out a Progress Survey, you don't have to select a flag or kudo for every student in your course. If you leave all the check boxes blank for a student, no feedback is assumed and no email notifications will be sent. To indicate no feedback for an entire course section, simply open the progress survey and click the submit button. 
  • Urgent concern before survey launches?  You can raise a manual tracking item. 
  • New Progress Survey Design - Check out the new Progress Survey features for better accessibility and design. More information can be found here
  • Optional: Use the Zoom-in Tool to identify students you want to reach out to. (Note: This function does not work for cross-listed "child" Canvas gradebooks.)

For questions about the Progress Surveys and student follow-up, see our FAQs or contact us at