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Starfish is a technology tool that supports student success by facilitating communication and connection between faculty, students, advisors and support services. For questions or concerns, email


Best Practices - 4 Tips for using Starfish Flags & Kudos for Faculty

New Progress Survey Design - Check out the new Progress Survey features for better accessibility and design. More information can be found here

The 2019-20 academic year - progress surveys will be expanding to include all undergraduate courses in addition to developmental math and English and ESL courses. While the scope of progress surveys is increasing, based on faculty feedback, we are limiting the administration of the survey to once a semester. Faculty will still have the option to raise manual flags at any time during the semester. 

17-18 School Year Pilot Program Results

What has happened since Starfish made its debut at Weber State University last fall? Check out our 17-18 School Year Pilot Program Results to see what we were able to accomplish with the efforts of our amazing faculty and staff!

User Interface Update
The Starfish user interface has been updated to make the site more responsive for mobile devices. The biggest change users will see is in the navigation menu. Instead of toggling between pages using the buttons at the top of the screen, a menu button in the top left corner of the screen will provide you links to the different pages.