Grant Submission Check List

Before getting started:

  • Have you registered for and/or attended the Applying For and Using a Staff Development Grant class (Course #135-01 in Training Tracker)?
  • Have you read the application requirements for a Staff Development Grant?
  • Are the applications being submitted individually? The applications will be reviewed on their own merit.
  • If more than one person from a department is applying for the same conference, is the packet specific to each individual?
  • Are you an executive requesting funding for your employees? If so, you are eligible for a grant. Executives are not eligible for individual Staff Development funding.
  • Is your grant travel going to be completed within 6 months from the quarterly application deadline?
  • Are you familiar with the University travel policy?
  •  Is your funding request for a computer? If so, the grant request is not eligible for funding.

Checklist:  Click here to download the checklist:



  • Does your application contain specific dates?(Date of travel must be within 6 months of application deadline date.)
  • Have you included the destination?
  • Have you included backup documentation for all funding requests?
  • Do you have copies of handouts/brochures or web pages supporting your request?
  • Does your application have the TWO required signatures?
  • Do you have a letter(s) of support from your supervisor(s) for your grant request?
  • If you do not have additional funding sources, have you explained the lack of funding?
  • Does the Budget Worksheet have a detailed budget?
  • Have you filled out your budget worksheet completely?
  • Have you double checked your budget numbers for accuracy?
  • Have you checked the pricing with University travel contract vendors?
  • Do you have one complete copy of your application package?