Which Classes Are Tutored?

We hire tutors for math, chemistry, zoology, microbiology, phyics, psychology, accounting, social work, and more. If we do not have a tutor for the class you need, we can often hire a tutor just to help you out.

How Can I Become a Tutor for SSS?

If you would like to become an SSS tutor, go to jobs.weber.edu and search for one of the following requisition numbers:

  • H00031P Tutors for Math
  • H00029P Tutors for Science Courses
  • H00027P Tutors for Computer Science
  • H00026P Tutors for Social Sciences (SW/Psych)

How Much Tutoring Can I Get?

You can receive up to five hours of tutoring a week for each class you are getting tutored in.



How Do I Request a Tutor?

If you have already been accepted into the SSS program, just go to our Tutor Scheduling Page.