Securing your Zoom Virtual Classrooms and Meeting Best Practices


Zoom has become a critical part of our current routines. With its popularity comes the attention of malicious individuals who will exploit security flaws to gain access to your information or to show unwanted content aka "Zoom Bombing". The following guidelines are provided to help you stay secure as you connect virtual using Zoom.

Don't use your Personal Meeting Room for public events

  • Your Personal Meeting Room is basically like a ongoing meeting. Users who get access to the invite to your meeting can  

Lock your virtual classroom

  • You can prevent other meeting participants from joining the meeting once the meeting has started.
    • Select Manage Participants - Select "More" - Select Lock Meeting

Control Screen Sharing

By default only the host of the meeting can share the screen. This is to prevent users from hijacking the session and showing unwanted and potentionally offensive material

  • If you need to allow meeting participants to share their screen you can do so in the meeting.
    • To do this you must be a host or a co-host to the meeting.
      1.    Expand the Screen Sharing options "^"
      2.    Select "Advanced Sharing Options"

      3.    Change “Who can share” option to “All Participants” 

Enable the Waiting room

Lock down the Chat tool

Remove unwanted or disruptive participants

For a full list of recommendations provided by Zoom for securing your virtual meeting / classroom, please visit :