Mark Wood

Student, Sales and Service Technology 1995 – 1998

I graduated from Weber State University in 1998 with a degree in Sales and Service Technology. Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to get a bachelor’s degree, or as it was referred to at our house “go to college “.  I grew up attending many Weber State basketball and football games.  Some might say that I was a fan, however, I did not see many of the games, as I was working with my dad.  Having a father that worked at Weber State in the business and student services departments, there were lots of opportunities to be at the university. From a young age, I knew that I wanted to attend Weber State.

After graduating from high school and serving a full-time mission for my church, it was time to focus on what I would do for a career. I had learned about the Sales and Service Technology program from my older brother who was finishing up his degree in sales.  I felt that this would be a good fit for me and what I saw myself doing for my profession.  After finishing my general education requirements, I dove straight into the Sales and Service Technology program and all the school had to offer.  I got to know all of the professors very well.  Professors Litchford, Grunander, Dove, Eichmeier and Cooper-Larson were not just educators, they became my friends and mentors.  They helped to give me a vision and shape my postgraduate dreams.

Throughout my college career I found opportunities to work in my field of study. I worked in inside sales, retail sales, and upon graduation I was able to work for a Fortune 500 outside sales company, all the while utilizing the skills and techniques that I learned in my college classes. Over the past 20+ years, I have narrowed my sales field to the pharmaceutical industry.  I have had the privilege of working for multiple Fortune 200 companies in this industry. 

Because of my degree from Weber State University, I have had an amazing career in sales.  It has taken me to many incredible places throughout the country, as I have worked for worldwide organizations.  I have been able to earn a lucrative salary, healthy bonuses, and additional perks which have allowed me to provide very well for myself and my family. 

I am grateful for my experience at Weber State University and the Sales and Service Technology program.  The school, professors, and associations with my peers helped to mold who I am today in my career.  They encouraged me to have high expectations of myself and my career. I will forever be thankful for my choice in education.