Department of Professional Sales Scholarships

Every year, the Department of Professional Sales is awarded over $50,000  in scholarship funding for our Juniors and Seniors. Applications for each open October 1st and close February 1st  each year.  Late Freshman and Sophomores are encouraged to apply, but be aware of the class standing requirement and how to ensure you meet that requirement.

Scholarship Application to Pay-out Process

Fall Semester

Apply for PS Scholarships 

- Be sure your GPA meets at or above the GPA required by the end of Fall semester.
- Applications open Fall semester

-Freshman and Sophomores who apply: It is required that you are at a Junior level class standing, 60 Credits (CR), by the following Fall semester in order to qualify. Thus, you have two semesters, Spring and Summer to get to 60 completed CR.


Spring Semester

Scholarship application process CLOSES February 1st. 


-Wait until July for recipient notification...



Summer Semester

In July, students will be notified by the scholarship office on whether they have been AWARDED funding or not via their student mail. Each student will be required to submit a “Thank you” note to the donor in order to receive the awarded funds.

-Sophomores who are not quite a junior, must have applied and completed 60 CR by the end of this semester in order to qualify for funding.  


Following Fall Semester

Funding will be applied to the tuition bill for this semester if awarded in July. 

-Be sure you have registered for the required CR amount listed in the scholarship. Most require 12 - 14 CR. 



When would the funding be applied and other requirements: 

If awarded funding, it would not be applied until the following Fall semester. Thus, so long as you are at the required class standing by the time the funding would be applied (almost a year from when you applied), along with meeting the GPA requirements, you will be considered.

How to know if you will meet the class standing requirement:

If the scholarship for which you apply for requires that you are at least a Junior, you will need to have completed a minimum of 60 credits prior to the start of the following Fall semester  from when you applied.
 For example, if you apply for a scholarship in Fall of 2021 that requires you to be a Junior class standing, you will need to complete a minimum of 60 credits prior to the start of Fall 2022 semester. 

How to find your GPA and how many credits you have completed: 

1.     In your eWeber portal, search for “cattracks.”

2.    Click on the CatTracks application which will open your degree progress.

3.    In the second section of your CatTracks, Degree progress,  you will find your current institutional GPA. To find out how many credits you have completed, uncheck the purple check mark next to both Preregistered and In-progress classes so that both boxes are empty:

4.     Next click “Process” in that section:

5.     In the third section of cattracks, you will find the “Bachelor of Science” area where you will find total credits completed and applied towards your degree:

6.     In the above example, this student has completed 49 credits. So long as this student completes and passes 11 more credits prior to the start of the following Fall semester from when they applied for the scholarship, they will meet the class standing requirement of being a junior. 

Have questions about the Professional Sales Scholarships?

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