England Logistics Hosts Annual Sales Competition within theĀ  Department of Professional Sales

January 21, 2022

OGDEN – On Friday, 30 students in the Department of Professional Sales competed in the annual internal sales competition held each January. The 2022 England Logistics Sales Challenge, sponsored by the listed company, is one of the hallmark events for Weber State students, and gave them the chance to participate in real-life selling simulations and compete for thousands of dollars in cash prizes. 

“Competing in the England Logistics competition was an excellent opportunity.” Said Cline Chatterton, a senior, Professional Sales major from Kaysville. “Events like this will enable us to grow and improve as students and salespeople.” 

At the event, students competed in an individual role-play simulation, where they were given a hypothetical scenario detailing a case that many sales representatives currently working for England Logistics deal with on a day-to-day basis. They then were tasked with pitching England Logistics as a company in a role-play to customers, who are also full-time employees of England Logistics. The event is designed to challenge students in the preparation and research steps of the sales cycle and increase their product and service knowledge.  

“I personally look forward to this event each year.” Said Adam Sanders, the Senior Director of Recruiting for England Logistics. “I’m always so impressed with the preparation and talent of the students.”

Students were divided into three rooms in the competition, where they were scored on a rubric evaluating their presentation styles, needs identification, handling of objections, and overall communication and sales skills. The top three students from each room were assessed by judges and role players and identified as the winners for the competition. Each of the nine students who won automatically qualify to be part of the team competing at the National Collegiate Sales Competition in Atlanta later this month. 

“This is an incredible opportunity for students to learn and grow in their sales skills. Every year it is a positive experience as we see students applying the techniques learned in the classroom that will directly translate to success in their careers.” Said Dr. Blake Nielson, Department Chair. “We are very grateful for our amazing company sponsor (England Logistics) and all the faculty and staff that put so much time and resources into the event.”
Chatterton echoed Dr. Nielsen’s comments about England Logistics’ support and affiliation with the Department of Professional Sales. “We are lucky to have England Logistics as one of our industry partners,” Chatterton said. 

This was the first time the event was held on campus since 2020, with the 2021 England Logistics Sales Challenge being hosted virtually on Zoom. The event will continue to see success next year following the completion of the NOORDA building on campus in July 2022. 

England Logistics is the Elite Partner for the Alan E. Hall Center for Sales Excellence. At its core, England Logistics is a family-owned corporation that specializes in third-party shipping for hundreds of companies across the country. It is one the leading and most reliable refrigerated and temperature-controlled carriers on the market.