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Earn your Army commissioning and military science minor through ROTC. Start by enrolling in either our four-year or two-year program. Review the following information to find out where you should start.

If you have questions, contact our recruiting office at 801-626-8609.



Two-Year Program

Who: Juniors and Transfers

We designed our two-year program for juniors, community college transfers and any student who did not take Army ROTC during their first two years of college.

If you completed basic training (prior-service Army, National Guard, etc.), you may start your ROTC experience in advanced courses, starting with MILS 3010.

If you have no ROTC or basic training experience, you’ll join a 4-week leadership training course during the summer in Fort Knox, Kentucky. (Students typically complete the training during the summer before their junior year). During this training, you will be paid and may receive academic credit. Upon completion, you may enroll in advanced courses, starting with MILS 3010.

In some situations, students may be asked to complete certain basic courses, even if not needed to graduate, to align with the rest of their graduating class.

Visit our Military Science Courses page for details on the basic and advanced courses you’ll need to take to complete the program and earn your minor.

Four-Year Program

Who: Freshmen

Our four-year program follows the normal undergraduate progression (freshman to senior).

During your first two years, you’ll take basic courses, which serve as prerequisites for the advanced courses you need to graduate with your military science minor.

Nursing and STEM Majors

If you are majoring in nursing or a STEM field, you may take advanced courses before basic courses to complete your minor.

Payment and Commissioning

Instructors, uniforms and equipment are provided at no cost to you or the university.

All contracted students receive $420 per month. Army ROTC also covers the cost of tuition and fees for Army ROTC scholarship students and provides a book allowance of $1,200 per academic year.

Upon completion of Army ROTC and graduation from Weber State, you can become a commissioned officer in the active Army, Army Reserve or National Guard. Read more on our commissioning page.