Composition and Selection of College Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committees

No. 8-16 Rev. 05-13-03 Date 11-12-80 (formerly 8-27)


The college Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committee shall consist of five tenured full professors from within the college and two tenured full professors from outside the college.  Where reasonably possible, each member should be from a different department. All members are to be elected from a slate of candidates nominated by the faculty within the college from a pool of all tenured full professors from across the University who are willing to serve. The faculty may nominate as many candidates as it chooses from eligible members. The faculty making the nomination shall check on the eligibility and willingness to serve of the nominees and forward their names to the dean for placement on the ballot. The two outside members may not both come from the same college. Persons serving on a college committee are not allowed to serve on a department Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committee within that college. (See PPM 8-15)

Professors serving on these Committees come from a University-wide pool from which the two external Committee members shall be elected. In the event that any of the two receiving the highest number of votes becomes unable to serve, the individual receiving the next highest number of votes is elected and so on until both individuals have been elected.

No faculty member may serve on more than two college Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committees at one time, including the Committee within their own college.

The election of college Committee members shall be by secret ballot. Tenured and tenure-track faculty members of each department in the college are eligible to vote. The chair of each committee shall be elected by the Committee from among its members.

In the event that sufficient members at the rank of full professor are not available from within the college, vacancies must be made up from outside the college. However, the rank requirement shall be waived if necessary to insure that at least two people from inside the college participate on this Committee. These people shall be tenured faculty at least at the associate professor rank and shall in no case participate in ranking decisions on individuals being considered for promotion to professor.

Faculty members with the above qualifications, holding administrative appointments at the organizational level of department chair or lower, may serve as full participating members of this Committee.