Composition and Selection of Department Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committees

No. 8-15 Rev. 7-13-99 Date 11-12-80 (formerly 8-26)


The department chair shall be responsible for establishing the department Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committee and for its proper composition and function. Each department Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committee shall consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of five voting members. All tenured faculty members, excluding department members undergoing evaluation, are eligible to serve on this Committee. The department chair must serve as a voting member of the committee, even if the chair lacks otherwise required rank or tenure status. Persons serving on their own college Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committee are not eligible for service on this committee, although they may be outside members on other colleges committees.

In a year in which the department chair is up for either a promotion or tenure review, the department Promotion and Tenure Committee shall consist of a minimum of four (4) members including the chair. The chair may not sit in on the deliberations on their own case nor may they vote on their own case.

A person participating on this committee, other than the department chair, must have rank equal to or higher than the rank for which the candidate is being considered. In the event there are not at least two tenured department members other than the department chair with appropriate level rank, additional tenured and appropriately ranked members must be drawn from outside the department to the committee to assure minimum size.

The method of selecting department Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committee members shall be by a vote of tenured and tenure-track department faculty. The department ranking Tenure Evaluation Committee chair shall be elected by vote of the committee members.

Tenured faculty members with administrative appointments in the department at the organizational level of department chair or lower may serve as full participating members of this committee. Other administrative officers may participate upon invitation of the committee to provide input and answer questions.