PPM 1-9, Administrative Bodies

Responsible Office: President’s Office

1.0    PURPOSE

This policy outlines coordination of administrative bodies in functional areas.


         2.1     PPM 1-5, University Organizational Chart

         2.2     PPM 1-13, Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws

         2.3     PPM 3-38b, Staff Advisory Council

3.0    POLICY

         3.1     Coordination of functions in the areas of planning and administrative systems, academic affairs, business affairs and     administrative and student services is to be achieved through the following administrative bodies:

                    3.1.1.    President's Council

                                  President's Council provides two-way communications between all organizational units and all official  consultative or internal constituent groups and is advisory to the president.

                    3.1.2     Dean's Council

                                 The Dean's Council advises the provost concerning coordination of the academic programs of the colleges, departments and other related organizational units of the University.

                   3.1.3      University Planning Council

                                 The University Planning Council advises the president on all issues of institutional strategy.

         3.2     Consultation and coordination within colleges, functional units and departments shall be conducted through councils, committees and task forces established in those administrative areas.

        3.3       In addition to the above administrative bodies that provide coordination within the administrative organization, the faculty and staff are organized in the Faculty Senate (PPM 1-13) and Staff Advisory Council (PPM 3-38b).  These groups and their respective committees are organized in order that the faculty and staff may participate fully in the formulation, recommendation and continuing review of the University's general policies and operating procedures.

Revision History:

Creation Date: 4-20-77

Amended: 11-9-19; Ed. 2-26-21