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Required Technical Standards

Students must possess the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to function in a variety of clinical settings to be successful in the Weber State University (WSU) Physician Assistant (PA) Program and in the practice of medicine. These skills are necessary to provide a wide spectrum of patient care responsibilities required by the curriculum and the profession.


WSU PA students must be able to use vision, hearing and somatic senses to accurately observe a patient at a reasonable distance and close up, noting verbal and nonverbal patient communication.

Students must be able to observe and actively participate in lectures, small group activities, demonstrations and case-based learning. In circumstances where a candidate's ability to acquire information through observation is compromised, the student must demonstrate alternative means to acquire and demonstrate the essential information without reliance upon another person's interpretation of the information.


WSU PA students must be able to communicate effectively and respectfully using verbal, written, and reading mediums in a way that demonstrates sensitivity to patients, their families, and members of the healthcare team.

Cognitive Function

WSU PA students must recall large amounts of complex information and be able to quantify, analyze, integrate, synthesize, solve problems and reach diagnostic and therapeutic judgments.

Motor Function

WSU PA students must have sufficient coordination of both gross and fine motor function, equilibrium, and functional use of touch, vision and hearing to execute movements reasonably required to provide general patient care and emergency treatment in accordance with currently acceptable medical practice.

Behavioral, Emotional and Social Attributes

WSU PA students must be able to learn, understand and comply with accepted ethical principles and state and federal laws governing the medical profession. PA students must be able to relate to patients, staff and colleagues with honesty, integrity, non-discrimination, self-sacrifice and dedication. Specifically, students must:


Reasonable accommodations are available to assist students in certain cases of disability. In accordance with university policy and as delineated by federal and Utah law, the WSU PA Program does not discriminate in admissions against any individual based on that individual’s disability and will make good faith efforts at providing reasonable accommodation as necessary.

Accommodations are considered reasonable if they do not fundamentally alter the program or assessment, impose an undue burden on the department, or pose a direct health or safety risk to any other individuals, including patients.

Students must contact Weber State University’s Disability Services Center to document the existence and nature of the disability and to request an accommodation. The nature of the disability does not need to be disclosed to the program.