Outdoor Adventure & Welcome Center


The Outdoor Adventure & Welcome Center is open, stop by for your rental gear needs or to climb in our new Technical Training Center! Climbing wall hours vary. 


The Campus Recreation Outdoor Program has brought long-standing positive impacts to Weber State University and the local Ogden community.  The Outdoor Adventure & Welcome Center is a 17,000 square foot facility that will serve as a campus and community hub for outdoor recreation, in addition to a welcome center for potential and new Weber State Students. 

New facility highlights include:

  • Expanded Outdoor Equipment Rental Center/ New Equipment Fleets  
  • Drive-Through Equipment Storage
  • Adventure Program Trip Staging Area
  • Trip Planning and Resource Area
  • New Rope Access Technical Training Center 
  • 15' Bouldering walls
  • 55' Climbing wall 
  • Indoor Simulated Bailout Window Wall
  • Confined Space Rescue Area
  • Rooftop Rappelling and Rigging Area
  • Three Story Catwalk System For Scenario Rigging 
  • Technical Training Classroom 
  • New WSU Welcome Center for New and Incoming students





Interested in naming a space within the project?: Kyle Braithwaite | 801-626-6073 | kylebraithwaite@weber.edu



Supported by a new facility, the Outdoor Program will:


Recruitment & Retention

  • Serve as a recruitment tool, targeting and attracting students interested in outdoor recreation and activities.
  • Host outdoor experiences that furnish an incredible welcome and orientation to new students, especially those new to the Ogden area.
  • Strengthen student retention by developing a sense of belonging through shared experiences and close connections with peers and program leader mentors.


Student Development

  • Support students in their love for the outdoors and the pursuit of endeavors that can form the foundation for a lifetime of activity and fitness.
  • Provide a complementary practical application, with training and leadership opportunities, for the WSU Outdoor & Community Recreation Education academic program.
  • Train students as assistant guides, awarding certificates that enable them to be employed directly out of school.


Community Connections

  • Reinforce partnerships with local outdoor industry businesses, as the two sectors collaborate on events and opportunities that will strengthen them both
  • Develop students as the future customer base and employees for the outdoor industry private sector, a strong economic driver in the Ogden region and the state of Utah
  • Become an inspiring event and training venue for the outdoor industry and professional sports markets (search and rescue, professional arborists, first-responders, etc.)

front of building

front of building

side of building


Technical Training Center

climbing wall
climbing wall
climbing wall
climbing wall

The site for the new building is on Village Drive, directly north of the Wildcat Village residential complex. This location will be highly visible to students and easy for program participants to access. It is sufficiently large for the projected building size, and site storage, parking, and circulation needs. The proposed site use complies with the campus master plan.

Parking is adjacent to both the upper and lower entries. The site is planned for easy drive-through access by vehicles and trailers being used for trips and outings. The outdoor storage must be convenient for vehicle loading.

Site Plan

site plan

First Floor

first floor

Second Floor

second floor