Our Next Science Saturday will be August 15, 2020.   If you missed July's Science Saturday, you can still check out several Rocket-themed videos for you to view as well as a special video on finding micrometeorites!  Check them out here and have a BLAST!

We also have some new at home science activity videos!  Check them out on our vimeo page: Stargazing App Review 

Ott Planisphere (Planisphere download) 

Ott Planetarium

The Planetarium star theater seats 60 persons under a 9.1 meter (30 foot) diameter perforated aluminum hemispherical dome. It is used for instruction in undergraduate astronomy classes. It is also a science education facility featuring programs of interest to elementary students, secondary students, and the general public.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ott Planetarium and Department of Physics Observatory is to provide educational support and public outreach as part of the Physics Department and the College of Science at Weber State University. Our primary mission is to support WSU student learning. The planetarium and observatory provide an immersive learning environment for the introductory astronomy courses taught by the Physics Department. The program also fosters a deeper knowledge of astronomy and improved public speaking skills for physics majors and minors.
It is also our purpose to provide interesting and educational programming for school districts of Northern Utah, and enjoyable and informative programs for the general public. Further purposes are to provide accurate information to the media and general public on telescopes and astronomical events, and to provide easy access to high quality telescopes operated by knowledgeable staff.

The Ott Planetarium is Supported by: 
The Layton P. Ott Family 
The College of Science and Department of Physics at Weber State University 
Weber County RAMP
and NASA


1551 Edvalson St, Ogden, Utah, 84403 

Lind Lecture Hall, Room 203


(for questions and inquiries)

Ott Planetarium Director:

Dr. John Armstrong

Director, Keith Terry Palen Research Telescope:
Dr. Stacy Palen


Ott Planetarium Public Availability


We are not currently taking any reservations for the Planetarium or the Observatory at this time due to COVID-19.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

For information, please contact: