Session 6 Breakouts 

9:15-10:15 a.m.

(6A) British Literature
Room EH 215
Moderator: Sonny Lawr

  • Margaret Green, Southern Utah University, "'Haply, for I am Black': An analysis of Derogatory Terms in Shakespeare's Works"
  • Jonathan Hughes, Central Michigan University, "Let's Make This Hallucination Real!: Examining Utopia in Aldous Huxley's Island"
  • Isabelle Wolfer, Brigham Young University, "Doctor Faustus, Homoeroticism, and the Transgression of Language"

(6B) American Literature
Room EH 218
Moderator: Nicolle Brown

  • Andrew Christ, Weber State University, "Genius Belongs to Everyone"
  • Emily MacDonald, Southern Utah University, "The Pressures of Perisl of Toxic Masculinity in Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried"
  • Randelyn Snow, Colorado Mesa University, "Homi K. Bhaba"

(6C) Poetry
Room EH 219
Moderator: Katrina Kearl

  • Brooke Long, Weber State University, "Teddy Bear"
  • Hope McKenney, Weber State University, "Selected Poems"
  • Bailey O'Leary, Weber State University, "Ontology"
  • Ashlee Seager, Weber State University, "Seager Reading from Poetry Manuscript"

(6D) World Literature
Room EH 206
Moderator: Yulia Goff

  • Jessica Bertolini, Central Michigan University, "Albert Camus's Judge-Penitence and the Inescapable"
  • Jace Bingham, Utah State University, "Contesting Emotionality in The Three Kingdoms and The Water Margin"
  • Krystiana Davis, Weber State University, "#HashtagActivism: Political Social Media Engagement in NoViolet Bulawayo's Glory"
  • Jace DiCola, Colorado Mesa University, "An Addition to Poetic Rhetoric: The Sobriety Shift Structure"