Session 5 Breakouts

8-9 a.m.

(5A) American Literature
Room EH 215
Moderator: Amanda Southall

  • Izzy Hamann, Colorado Mesa University, "Nimona: Monstrously Human"
  • Lily Jensen, Brigham Young University, "The Frontier Myth in the Texts of Zitkala-Ša and Richard Henry Pratt"
  • Erica Kelley, Colorado Mesa University, "Defining Art: Introducing the Unfamiliar"
  • Paige Winegar-Fetzer, Weber State University, "Literary Diversity and The Fundamental Nature of Ecopoetry"

(5B) Fiction
Room EH 218
Moderator: Marci Boyle

  • Madelyn Maxfield, Brigham Young University-Idaho, "Katabasis"
  • Grace Kenidy Miller, Weber State University, "Jodie's Diary"
  • Eldyn Molina, Colorado Mesa University, "Burnt Almonds"
  • Gloria Henrichsen, Brigham Young University-Idaho, "Last Impressions"

(5C) Creative Nonfiction
Room EH 219
Moderator: Krystal Cruz

  • Jenifer Call, Weber State University, "Yahtzee"
  • Shauna Gunnell, Weber State University, "A Day in the Life: Space Edition"
  • Cali Seguin, Weber State University, "More Than Just a Race: The Race That Changes Us"
  • Breanne White, Weber State University, "An Ode to Champagne"

(5D) Other
Room EH 206
Moderator: Jan Hopkins

  • Charlotte Lindeman, Utah State University, " Sunshine"
  • Makayla Wach, Brigham Young University-Idaho, "Framing the Narrative: Found Footage and the Epistolary Novel"
  • Marcos Gabriel Quinones, Stella & Charles Gutman Community College, "Bound by Nothing"
  • Harmon Tobler, Brigham Young University-Idaho, " Many a Moses: Religion and the Perpetual American Narrative"