Session 2 Breakouts

9:15-10:15 am

(2A) Creative Nonfiction
Room EH 215
Moderator: Brandon Jackson

  • Mireya Garcia, Weber State University, "The Inescapable, Ticking Time"
  • Emily Koelling, Weber State University, "Penance"
  • Alexa Stultz, Weber State University, "You Are So Mature: The Double Standard Surrounding Youth or Lack Of"
  • Marcos Gabriel Quinones, Stella & Charles Gutman Community College, "My Brother, My Brother"

(2B) Fiction
Room EH 218
Moderator: Laura Stott

  • Ray Chong, Brigham Young University-Idaho, "The Old Rooster"
  • Bethany Daigle, Colorado Mesa University, "Bear Cookies"
  • Hayden Goodman, Weber State University, "Shinigami Eater: A Horror Short Story"
  • Josie Hulme, Weber State University, "Me and Liz"

(2C) American Literature
Room EH 219
Moderator: Hal Crimmel

  • Nicholas Blankenship, Colorado Mesa University, "Why Courage Shocks Us"
  • Matthew Corsi, Colorado Mesa University, "Literary Studies: Redefining the Boundary of Human and Non-Human"
  • Bracken Gossett, Weber State University, "Walt Whitman and Democratic Nature"
  • Dominic Grammatico, Central Michigan University, "The Problem of Prudence in Bartleby, the Scrivener"

(2D) Professional & Technical
Room EH 206
Moderator: Mariah Hawkins

  • Michael Austin, Brigham Young University-Idaho, "Constructive Conflict Storytelling: Applying Creative Writing to Narrative Mediation"
  • Jude Bolick, Colorado Mesa University, "Representation of Disabilities in Peter V. Brett’s The Warded Man"
  • Claire Elise Safeer, Weber State University, "Ancient Magic, Modern Fashion"