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Northern Utah Geospatial Technology Education Program

Educating Tomorrow's Spatially Aware Professionals



Geospatial is More than a Map

Geospatial Technology includes:

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Remote Sensing (airborne and satellite imagery)
  • Computer Cartography (digital mapmaking)
  • Global Positioning and Navigation Systems (e.g. GPS)



Careers for Geospatial Professionals

There is great demand for these skills among employers nationwide. WSU has a unique dual role mission as the regional community college for much of northern Utah and also as a large, public, comprehensive university.

NUGeoTec will prepare post-secondary students for successful employment in the rapidly growing geospatial workforce, and will also create advanced educational opportunities for people with existing training and experience in the geospatial technologies fields.


Paths to a Career in the Geospatial Frontier

These goals will be achieved by developing a new Certificate and a related Associate Degree in Geospatial Technology (Community College Tier) and updating the existing Certificate and Minor in Geospatial Analysis at WSU (University).