Course Rotation Schedule

The following list is the courses that have specific times when they will be offered in the future.

Disclaimer: The following information should be used for planning purposes only. We cannot guarantee that these courses will be offered in the exact order shown nor if they will be offered at all. In addition, there may be additional courses added as enrollment demands. We also make no claim about any future event at all, including the sun rising tomorrow.

Note: If a course is not listed here then it does not currently have a fixed rotation schedule.

Every Fall

  • CS 6820 (Compiler Design)
  • CS 6450 (Software Evolution Maintenance)** or CS 6705 (Applied Cloud Computing)**
  • CS 6570 (Data Science Algorithms I)

Every Spring

  • CS 6610 (Computer Architecture)
  • CS 6420 (Advanced Algorithms)
  • CS 6580 (Data Science Algorithms II)

Every Other Spring

  • CS 6500 (Advanced Artificial Intelligence) (e.g. Spring 2020, Spring 2022, etc.) (CS 4500 will be taught the Spring CS 6500 is not taught)

Every Other Fall

  • CS 6600 (Machine Learning) (e.g. Fall 2020, Fall 2022, etc.)

Every Two Years

  • ECE 6710 (Real-Time Embedded Systems) is offered every two years (e.g. Fall 2019, Fall 2021, etc.)


** CS 6450 and CS 6705 count towards the Course-work only option requirement