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Student Thesis/Project Advisors

Each student will be assigned an advisor upon admission to the program that will work personally with you to help you be successful with your thesis or project. Your advisor will act as a mentor to help you through the process of planning, executing, and reporting of your thesis or project.

If you would like a different advisor than the one initially assigned to you then must seek another advisor from the faculty list. If you change advisors then make sure that the graduate director (currently Dr. Ball) is aware of the change.

For information on how to propose a thesis or project see the project proposal page.

Pre-Admission & Current Student Advising

For questions concerning admission, the primary source of contact is the Graduate Enrollment Director.

Rainie Ingram
Graduate Enrollment Director

For questions concerning academic advisement, the primary source of contact is the Program Director.

Students should meet with the director at least once a year while enrolled. It is your responsibility to schedule the required meetings. These meetings will go over courses and overall graduation. The thesis or project specifics will be between the student and his or her individual thesis/project advisor (see below).

Robert Ball
Program Director