Adolescent Psychology

Welcome to Adolescent Psychology with Dr. Leigh Shaw


I am Dr. Leigh Shaw. I am a professor and Adviser in Psychological Science and the Director of General Education at Weber State. I earned my BS with Honors in Psychology from the University of Wyoming, and my MS and PhD in Psychology from the University of Utah. I am a Developmental Psychologist with training, expertise, and decades of teaching experience in child and adolescent development. I also have two kids, so I am living what I am teaching. I know that what you will learn in this course will help you be a better parent, teacher, coach, and mentor to the youth in your life.

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What will I learn in Adolescent Psychology?

This course presents an introduction to the principles and theories of adolescent psychology. We will cover topics bearing on historical views of adolescence, biological and cognitive transitions, autonomy, identity, morality, peer and dating relationships, sexuality, family relationships, and psychosocial problems. By means of reading, completing assignments, and participating in class, you will develop a knowledge base in developmental psychology, ethical and social responsibility in a diverse world, professional communication skills, as a professional in the field of psychological science, and hone your scientific thinking and critical thinking skills. This course will help you better understand developmental science and to better advocate for the needs of young people.

What is my textbook?

Your required textbook is Adolescence (13th ed.) by Steinberg and it will be available through Day One Access, McGraw-Hill Connect in Canvas. Day One Access offers you the right digital content on the first day of class, at a competitive price. You were billed when you registered for the class at the lowest rate the Wildcat Store could negotiate with the publisher.

Our Learning Pact
What you can expect from me: What I will expect from you:
1. I will provide you with a clear, organized course designed to ensure you meet our course outcomes in a meaningful way. 1. You will strive to be an active participant in this course and strive to meet due dates.                                                                                                                         
2. I will provide a variety of assignments to ensure your learning needs are met. 2. You will maintain an open line of communication with me so I understand how to support you.
3. I will be actively present in your learning. 3. You will contact me if you have a concern with meeting a deadline.
4. I will provide a supportive and safe environment for you to share and discuss ideas with your peers.               4. You will strive to regularly contribute to collaborative activities to ensure your peers have opportunity to read/listen, reflect, and respond to your ideas.
5. I will reach out to you when I sense that you need support. 5. You will treat your peers with dignity and respect.                                               
6. I will treat you with dignity and respect and be flexible to support your individual needs. 6. You will do your best to have patience with technology. There will be hiccups, expect them. We will get through them together.
7. I won't be perfect. I am human and will make mistakes at times. I will view mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow.  7. You won't be perfect. You are human, you will be stressed, and will make mistakes at times. You will give yourself grace and view mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow.