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Charitable Chair Curriculum

The Charitable Chair event objective

is to promote the importance of community outreach through student involvement and classroom curriculum. The purpose is two-fold: First, to provide opportunity to illustrate the importance and satisfaction of service while promoting community exposure to the value of higher education; and second, to incorporate accreditation curriculum standards with practical experience and the design process.

Students, mentored by faculty members, will participate. Students are required as part of the course* final project, to refurbish or design a new chair with historical significance or influence. Students will take part in all phases of project management including soliciting community sponsors for each individual/team. Sponsors
may donate services, product or funds to help with the initial cost of purchasing and refurbishing or manufacturing the chair. Chairs will then be auctioned at an event in which proceeds will be split between a community partner and the WSU Interior Design program.

Project Requirements:

WSU Interior Design students in designated courses must participate regardless of whether or not the student has participated before. The Charitable Chair event is considered the final project of each course. 

*Charitable Chair may involve up to six interior design courses --- IDT 2010 Sustainability I, IDT 2040 Architectural Detailing, IDT 3010 Historical
Interiors and Furnishings, IDT 3020 American and Modern Interiors, IDT 3030 Sustainability II. IDT 3045 Residential Design

The project has 4 components:

  1. The Proposal
  2. The Marketing
  3. The Chair
  4. The Event

(1)The Proposal:

Each student/student team must prepare a proposal to submit detailing the project management plan for their chair.
The proposal should be crafted in a professional manner, coil bound with cover page and vinyl back. Proposals should include a table of contents. The proposal
should include the following items listed on separate pages:

(2) Marketing

Along with the proposal and chair, each project will also feature marketing that describes the chair, it’s historical style/significance and the design team and sponsors.

The marketing must:

The marketing may:

The marketing will:

(3) The Chair:

Each individual/team will produce a full-scale chair as part of this project.
The chair may be:

The chair must be:

The chair will be:

(4) The Event

The project will culminate at an auction event in which chairs will be highlighted and auctioned to the highest bidder. The event will showcase the chairs accepted for auction as well as the brochure.

Fine Print: