General Education Learning Outcomes (GELO)

GELO 1: Content Knowledge

This outcome addresses students' understanding of the worlds in which they live and disciplinary approaches for analyzing those worlds. The knowledge is well defined in R470 and further refined by Core and Breadth area committees. GELO 1 is assessed through the biennial assessment process in which departments provide assessment data on Area Learning Outcomes for each of their Gen Ed courses that are reviewed by GEIAC.

GELO 2: Intellectual Tools

This outcome focuses on students' use of and facility with skills necessary for them to construct knowledge, evaluate claims, solve problems, and communicate effectively.

Students will provide evidence of their ability to construct knowledge, evaluate claims, solve problems, and/or communicate effectively with tools such as persuasive communication, critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving, inquiry and analysis, and quantitative reasoning.

GELO 3: Responsibility to Self and Others

This outcome highlights students' relationship with, obligations to, and sustainable stewardship of themselves, others, and the world to promote diversity, social justice, or personal and community well-being.

Students will provide evidence of their ability to relate course content to issues of responsibility in the context of a signature assignment requiring them to bring to bear course content to broader issues connected to the Big Question. GELO 3 has been operationalized as global learning, diversity, social justice, stewardship, ethical reasoning, well being, professional issues, and personal or academic reflection.

GELO 4: Connected & Applied Learning

This outcome emphasizes how students' learning in general education classes can be connected and applied in meaningful ways to new settings and complex problems.

Students will demonstrate the integration and application of course content via a signature assignment that promotes meaningful use of the course content. Students will identify relations between disciplinary content, and between the content and their own experiences in the world.